Elise Hecq

Elise is specialized in public law, and more specifically in environmental law and community planning.

Elise is coming from Braine-l’Alleud (South of Brussel) and she follows a bachelor in law in the University of Namur. There, she took classic topics of law. She has, during this bachelor the opportunity to do part of a tournament of rhetoric, be member of an organization about human rights and be the representative of the students.

She follows this with a master in law in the University of Ghent. She chooses many options related to environmental, community planning, energy and public law. She also did an Erasmus in Denmark, more specially in the city of Aarhus. She finally concludes her master with a master thesis about a “comparison between a Flemish and a Walloon authorization to build or transform projects.”

After, she follows a specialization in maritime sciences. She makes this choice to learn in Engels and to discover engineering and economic. The world of maritime is a really specific world and she had the occasion to visit all big organizations related to maritime economy in London. She also wrote a second master thesis about “the pollution of the international maritime transport and the mitigation of its CO2 emissions”.